Friday, April 22, 2011

Minum air sejuk jadi gemuk & dapat heart attack??

Aku tertarik dengan 1 link yang kawan-kawan aku share which state that drinking ice cold water will increase the chance to get heart attack since the ice will solidify the fat result in more fat to be stored rather than being metabolized. The version that I read is in Malay but then I found out the original version is in English and by comparing both, there is some point missing in the Malay’s the link to the English article:

Among the missing point is the last paragraph of the articles where it states that there is no scientific evidence to support the theory. Since the Malay version exclude this in the article, im afraid that it might mislead as a professional advice from a doctor etc. on the other hand, below I list down some point that might question the validity of the cold water will cause you fat & lead to heart attack. Before you read further, please note that my point here is all about the relation of cold water and fat metabolism not something anything about cold water cause asthma, allergic reaction or erectile dysfunction are not related..

1. Normal human body is at 37 C in average..Anything goes inside our body that is lower or higher than this temperature will be warm up or cool down until it reaches equilibrium with body temperature..Hence, ice cold water which about 5 – 8 C will be warm up to 37 C even by the time it’s still in our mouth..tak caye? Minum air sejuk, tahan 5 saat, keluarkan is warmer walaupun tak sampai room temperature lagi..

2. To warm up a cold water our body will need energy which is, by drinking cold water we are in fact burning some is not that significant that you will notice a weight loss after 1 week drinking cold water, but yes, there is some calories being burned..

3. Digestion process takes time..Average from 3-4 hours and can last up to 7-8 warm up the cold water our body will take about 10 – 15 minutes only..Clearly, it does not have much time to cause major damage in there..

4. On the other hand, if it is true that cold water does solidify the fat, I think it is a good news rather than bad..Fat as it is will not be absorbed by our need to be degraded into simpler form of fatty acid then our body will absorbed and further metabolized either to be used immediately or stored..So, if the fat solidify so hard that the body cannot degrade it, it just go all the way along the intestine and end up in the toilet bowl..

5. In my opinion, the suggestion of not drinking cold water to avoid obesity and heart attack is similar to a smoker who choose a cigarette with filter to reduce the bad effect where as the real solution is to stop avoid heart attack the real thing you need to do is to control blood pressure, observe cholesterol level, quit smoking & maintain healthy lifestyle..get out there and start working out..

In conclusion, sorry for being skeptical on the articles, this is just my point of view based on published scientific evidence.

p/s: terbaik la aku tulis blog 80% in english walaupun grammar terabur..feeling proud to myself..hahahaha..


  1. Salam~ I did read frm somewhere that cold water does help in losing weight.

    Btw, I replied to your comment in Aidid Muaddib's blog.

    maybe you can share your opinion on that?
    anyway, I'm a Kuchingite, too.

  2. Yang aku tau, banyak minum malah aku mudah lapar. sehingga aku tambah cepat gemuk.

  3. Oksigen dan hidrogen bersifat panas dan ia menguasai bahagian perut. Adalah menjadi suatu kesalahan memulakan amalan pemakanan di waktu pagi dengan unsur-unsur yang panas. Minumlah seteguk air sejuk di awal pagi kerana ia menguatkan perut atau awet muda kata orang sekarang.