Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's not about finess..it's about our memories..

dedicated to all my classmate Biochemical-Biotechnology Engineering IIUM..

As we have set off on our long journey,

with love, courage, friendship and a bit of playfulness,

as these are things that will remain in our hearts forever..

Because we are all separate pieces of the world,

coming together as friends one after another,

As the pieces take form, the wind will definitely continue to blow..

With every tear we shed, we grow stronger,

and with every tear, our memories grow, grow, and grow much stronger!

So when you feel the wind, you gotta fell it blowing,

Let go search for the wind that dries up our tears,

We are on an adventure to find the knowledge,

We’ll never stop, look up ahead, my treasure, as you are waiting there for me!

Song modified from one piece theme song, the original song sound lil bit childish but the lyric is meaningful..


  1. aaa...typo di situ..suppose to be "fitness" jadi finess pulak dah..aish..nvrmid la..malas nak edit..huhuhu..

  2. "TOUCHED" . smile drawn with no not even a word can be uttered reading this piece.

  3. wahhh.sedey~ nice entri razi. mesti rindu kt korang nati.huhuhu

  4. pergh..
    radzi ade blog..
    all the best for batch 27!!!!
    bbangga seklas dgn korang..hee~

  5. sekarang pun dah terfikir pasni akan tinggalkan dunia IIUM & masuk dunia baru..4 tahun kat sini macam2 cerita ade..will always remember you guys..^^