Sunday, February 27, 2011

Nak diet dengan protein

Today we’ll discuss on another macro nutrient – PROTEIN..bagi yang nak build muscle, protein is the most important thing yang mesti di ambik berat..why? because our muscle are made from to build more muscle, we need more protein..but protein also important tuk yang nak loss weight..dalam entry sebelum ni ade discuss pasal what happen kalau badan tak cukup glucose (daripada carbohydrate) tuk generate energy, badan akan guna protein (ie our own muscle) tuk ditukar jadi glucose..

walaupun kita try nak elak benda ni from happen, but to lose weight kita still kena cut out our food intake (but not extreme) so chances are still there yang at some point badan kita akan habis glucose..thats why we need to consume makanan yang high protein, tuk counter balik protein yang hilang..take a look at this equation..

1. Maintain carbohydrate & fat intake + high protein = muscle mass increase

2. Reduce carbohydrate & fat intake + high protein = muscle mass maintain (only fat loss)

3. reduce carbohydrate, fat & protein intake = loss in muscle mass

(these equations only explain what happen in general, the details on exact quantity will be explain later plus other factors that affect muscle growth & fat loss..)

Remember muscle will be lost faster than fat, so you lose weight but still high % of body fat, you’ll look thinner but with spare tire everywhere, metabolism decrease, result in very difficult to further lose weight but easy to gain weight, and when you gain weight, it is accumulation of fat..Wow..This is disaster isn’t it?? So take it very seriously pasal protein intake ni tuk both condition, nak buang lemak or nak tambah muscle..

Mane nak dapat protein? protein kita boleh dapat dari dua sumber, animal source and plant good news for vegetarian huh..unfortunately, cuma protein from animal source je yang dipanggil complete what is this complete protein anyway? Protein bila kita makan akan breakdown jadi amino acid..amino acid yang badan kita akan serap to build muscle & other biological function..amino acid ni ade 22 in total, and form that, 8 of them are essential amino acid..similar cam kes fatty acid hari tu, essential means 8 amino acid ni badan kita takleh produce or synthesize sendiri, so need to be obtained from food..protein from animal dipanggil complete protein sebab it contain all 8 of this essential amino acid, means just dengan makan seketul ayam, we get all amino acid we need..berbeza dengan tumbuhan, protein dari tumbuhan considered as incomplete protein, sebab kita tak leh dapat all 8 essential amino acid from a single source..example, soya maybe ade 5 daripada 8 amino acid and kacang might have the other 3..(this is just an example, nak tahu pasal composition sebenar boleh try tanya kat encik Google) jadi tuk dapat complete protein, we need to consume both soya & kacang..tedious sometimes, and also extra calories, not good tuk somebody yang concern pasal total calories yang dia ambik..

tuk yang nak build muscle, sumber protein yang di suggest is beef, fish, poultry, whole eggs (kuning ngan putih), and whey protein..try elakkan protein from deli meat, processed meats and soy protein..tuk fat loss, chicken, any seafood and whey protein is acceptable tapi try avoid ground beef, roast beef, semua jenis kacang, deli meats & duck..kenape kena pilih-pilih ni?? Sebabnya bukan kerana the protein itself tapi more kepada kandungan lemak dalam makanan tu, tuk build muscle we doesn’t concern much about fat (as long as it is healthy fat, it’s ok) compare dengan yang nak lose fat, total fat intake need to be observed..

Lastly, extra information, the 8 essential amino acid yang kita perlukan:

Isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan & valine..kadang-kadang kat label makanan ade tulis benda-benda ni especially kat food supplement..

Disclaimer: This post is only a guideline and additional reading material & not a professional advice..The author is not responsible for any health problem or injury happen to anyone who tried any method in this post. Please consult a doctor and professional fitness trainer before begin any diet/fitness program/weight loss program etc.

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